The Forgettable Realms have been long forgotten thanks to ancient misdeeds. You get to find out why and attempt to uncover the truths and fix some mistakes. Enough time has passed to erode most areas of habitation and for endangered species to recover. Exotic beasts wander freely. Your village is the only lasting remnant of the great civilizations that came before. ...or is it?

This is a fairly open slate campaign based loosely in Forgotten Realms. As the basic gist of it is discovery, players are encouraged to offer up ideas and suggestions for things they would like to do or develop based on how they focus their energies in uncovering forgotten knowledge.

There will be a lot of hack and slash and mostly roll playing with enough plot thrown in to keep things interesting. Treasure will be a challenge, considering that without an economy, a lot of things simply won’t have value (yet). This is a very dangerous world, though, and obviously there won’t be any/many NPCs to guide you through it.

If necessary, there will be a sequel titled “You’re Gonna Die (Again)”.

You're Gonna Die