Changes to Core Rules

Negative Hit Points and Death:

A character is only dead dead once he has reached -10 hit points plus his level plus his constitution modifier. This way more powerful PCs (and enemies) take longer to truly kill. This is a reaction to the expected massive amounts of damage PCs will eventually have to sponge-up.

Hit Points at Every Level:

At first level a PC gets max hit points for his class. At every level after that, the PC gets the average (rounded up if necessary) for his hit die plus the standard CON bonus, plus the bonuses from any feats, etc, that might apply.

Rolling Stats:

4d6, drop the lowest.

Starting Level:

Characters may start at level 2.

Extra Feats:

PCs will get extra feats at certain levels. The levels for the extra feats are 2,4,5,7,8,10,11,13,14. There might be more later, once we get beyond 14.

Changes to Core Rules

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